2025 Flamingo Day 5K Transfers

Entry fees are non-refundable. This means once we have received your entry, you will not receive a refund if you cannot participate. 

We allow you to transfer your entry to another person for a fee of $10. This is only allowed up until seven days before the event. We also allow you to transfer your entry to another event produced by Colorado Runner Events for a fee of $10. This is allowed up until 14 days before the event.

Please fill out the form below if you wish to transfer your entry. You will then receive a coupon code via email for the amount originally paid and your original entry will be cancelled. This coupon code is needed to complete the transfer process.

Has something come up and you can’t make the event on race day? Then we will mail your shirt and medal to you. This service is FREE until the week before the race. Less than a week before the event, this service is subject to fees and availability.

Registration Transfers

Registration transfers from one event to another will close 14 days prior to the event, while registration transfer from one individual to another within the same event will close seven days before the event.

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